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Rossland Mountain Film Festival is proud to present the following adventure films for 2023


Fortune Hunters

Blank Collective | 40 Mins

Opening Night

In "Fortune Hunters," a group of skiers eagerly awaits their winter's bounty. But, unpredictable weather forces them on an Odyssey to find the ultimate skiing prize.


Desert Wings

Nathan McBride | 3 mins

Opening Night

Nathan Mcbride and I am a cinematographer that is passionate about getting the best shots no matter the consequence.


Walk the Walk

Jacob Wester | 28 Mins

Opening Night

Ski-touring, the act of ascending a mountain with the aim to ski down it, has been around for as long as skiing itself. Some see it as a workout, some as a way of enjoying a better lunchview.

Lure of adventure

Lure of Adventure

Tom Woodward | 40 Mins

Dirtbag Night

In the film "Lure of Adventure in the South Island," I try to give viewers a different perspective on New Zealand formed by my own experiences.



Seb Bouin | 8 Mins

Main Event

Stunning footage of 29-year-old French phenom as he tackles what may be the world’s hardest sport climb in the Verdon Gorge of France.


23.4 Degrees

Jeff Thomas & Anna Segal | 11 mins

Slaydies Night

Journey with Anna and friends across the valleys, forests, boulder fields and high alpine as they showcase the transformation of the Pacific North West


Flying High Again

TGD | 75 Mins

Snowboard Night

IF3 Snowboard film of the year, Brandon David - Standout snowboarder of the year, Best Backcountry Segment, Best Urban Segment

In a world, where the snowboard corporatocracy cares more about the next Instagram swipe, one company has decided to team up with legendary snowboard film director, Mike Hatchett, and do the impossible.


La Gara

Julen Elorza | 15 Mins

Slaydies Night

La Gara takes us on a voyage through stunning landscapes, the history of an iconic race, and the personal quest of mountain runner Hillary Gerardi as she pushes her herself to the limit chasing after a dream.


Las Locas

Anna Hazlat | 15 Mins

Ola is a Sardinia expert, having ticked off impressive lines including five 8b multipitches on the island already.


Living Life

Owen Leper | 8 Mins

Dirtbag Night

2023 was a huge winter in Jackson Hole, we skied powder more days than I could count, it was amazing. These are some of my favorite lines skiing in the backcountry of Jackson Hole.


Rythym of One

Laurel Myers | 18 Mins

Dirtbag Night

The world of mountain unicycling is not so different from those of skiing, climbing, or other adventure sports, yet you’ve probably never heard of it.



The Bunch | 20 Mins

Dirtbag Night

IF3 Ski Best Editing, Best Short Film

The Bunch is producing a drone short film together with the young pilot Luke Bredar.


Left Right

Samuel McMahon | 20 Mins

Left Right is in part a search for the perfect turn, but along the way it unearths dream locations and incredible characters.


The Engine Inside

Anthill Films | 84 mins

Closing Matinee

Follow the lives of six individuals from diverse backgrounds who have devoted themselves to a simple, age-old machine - the bicycle.



Jeff Thomas Creative | 45 Mins

Youth Submissions

IF3 Best Breakout Skier of the Year - Xander Guldman

In HEAD Freeskiing's inaugural feature-length film, "Unified," the team explores the unifying bond around the sport we all cherish.


The Nomad

Matthew Clark | 10 Mins

Two-time Canadian XC Marathon winner and four-time 24hr World Champion, Cory Wallace has spent the last 16 years travelling around the world in a modern-day nomadic lifestyle, competing in international races and immersing himself in cultures far from his hometown of Jasper, Alberta.

the last gunners

The Last Gunners

Tim Jones | 7 mins

Amid Alta’s record-breaking 903-inch season in 2022-23, the gunners of Alta’s Ski Patrol fired their 105mm Howitzer for the final time. It’s the end of a 75-year era where weapons of war have reliably protected Alta from destructive avalanches.


The Pass

Andrea Wing | 14 mins

The Main Event

Rogers Pass represents one of the most complicated avalanche programs in the world, Danyelle Magnan is one of the Avalanche Operations Managers.


Sagramartha Next

Martin Ivar Edström | 12 mins

Opening Night

A Mountain Space where Innovation meets Art to tackle Waste Management challenges in the Everest Region.


Unpaid Overtime

Lucas Gibbons | 22 mins

Snowboard Night

Unpaid Overtime follows in the footsteps of Factotum Project the Movie and takes a deeper dive into the professional amateur side of snowboarding.


Any Fool Knows

Chris King | 35 Mins

Speaker Series

Ron Gregg's gear mishap sparks Outdoor Research. His legacy thrives despite tragic end.

polar star

The Polar Star

Cody Townsend | 45 mins

Speaker Series

Professional skier Cody Townsend traveled to Canada's remote Baffin Island this winter for an epic descent of The Polar Star Couloir.

fair meadows

Fairy Meadows

Sean Murray | xx mins

The Main Event

return to sender

Return to Sender

Nate Stephens | 26 mins

The Main Event

Suspended in the air hundreds of feet above the Crooked River in Central Oregon, a group of highliners attempt to set the record for the longest highline in United States history - nearly a mile in length.



Legs of Steel | 35 Mins

Opening Night

IF3 Ski film of the year, best cinematography, best story telling

Dennis Ranalter is one of the world's most respected freeride skiers, his playful style and technical ability earning him a wide fan base and the widely used moniker: D-RAN.


Here, Hold my Kid

Here, hold my kid productions | 40 mins

Slaydies Night

IF3 Jury's Pick

Two professional skiers, two new mothers, one sponsorship. A quirky, documentary style film capturing the highs and lows of two women determined to succeed with side-splitting, hilarious moments.


How did we get here

CK9 | 22 Mins

Slaydies Night

Three strange animals. The Blondes. Their brains often operating in synchronicity. Together they thrive; feeding off one another in a symbiotic relationship. This species of Blonde is a peculiar specimen. Look at them and wonder.



CK9 | 12 Mins

Dirtbag Night

"So you want to go to space? Let's see what it takes..." This film follows a young space cadet: Sam Kuch as he bravely takes on the rigours of space travel, sending his way to the moon.

Events Schedule

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Dirtbag Night

Friday, November 10th

B&T's Hardknock Cafe

Doors at 7 pm
Tickets $10 at B&T's

Owen Leper - Living Life

Laurel Myers - Rhythym of One

The Bunch - Sensus

Tom Woodward - Lure of Adventure in the South Island

Mathew Clark - The Nomad

CK9 - Spacecraft

Opening Night

Thursday, November 16th

The Flying Steamshovel

Films start at 8 pm
Free Event

Nathan McBride - Desert Wings

Blank Collective - Fortune Hunters

Jacob Wester - Walk the Walk

Martin Ivar Edström - Sagamartha Next

Birds of a Feather - 23.4 Degrees

Legs of Steel - Decendence

Slaydies Night

Friday, November 17th

Rossland Legion Branch #14

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Buy Tickets

CK9 - How did we get here

Here, Hold my Kid Productions - Here, Hold My Kid

Julen Elorza - La Gara

Anna Hazlat - Las Locas

Knuckledragger Night

Wednesday, November 22nd

Rossland Beery Company

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Entrance by Donation to the Food Bank

Samuel McMahon - Left Right

Lucas Gibbons - Unpaid Overtime

TGR - Flying High Again

Snowboard Night

Tuesday, November 22nd

Youth Submissions

Thursday, November 23rd

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Red Roof Church

Free Event

Head FreeSkiing and Jeff Thomas Creative - Unified

Jude Barrie

Speaker Series

Friday, November 24th

Doors open at 6:00 pm

The Josie Hotel

Buy Tickets

Chris King - Any Fool Knows

Cody Townsend - The Polar Star

The Main Event

Saturday, November 25th

Rossland Miner's Hall

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Buy Tickets

Jeff Thomas Creative - co-workers

Tim Jones - The Last Gunners

Andrea Wing - The Pass

Sean Murray - Fairy Meadows

TGR - Legend has it

Reel Rock 17 - DNA

Closing Matinee

Sunday, November 27th

The Flying Steamshovel

Films start at 10:00 am
Free Event

Anthill Films - The Engine Inside

Jenny Rustemeyer - Subteraanium